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"Rapture" Official Video !!!!!

Discover Helix Pulsar's #new #music #video ... and surrender to your#fantasies ! 💋 🔥 ✨

“Rapture” is the most sulfurous of our songs. Its music is built on a contrast between the sensual atmosphere set by the electro melody and the guitar’s wild roars. The song is about how it feels to surrender to the burning desire of one’s lover… a perfect blend of sensuality and wild instincts as well!

Music by O. Rennesson; Lyrics by E. Flaujat; Spoken extract of "L'invitation au voyage" by C. Baudelaire; Video by S. Martin (Vie Zoo All)

“This distinctly reminds me of Xymox circa 1991 and the addictive intertwining of vocals exhibited on their Phoenix LP mixed in with the element of Sisters of Mercy and new-era The Danse Society. Cool enough for you?” - The Record Stache (Apr 2016)

“Helix Pulsar is the fresh air on the French Cold wave” - Le Bon Virus / Timbre FM (Sep 2016)

"A quasi-industrial yet fully electronic mix of pop and punch, Helix Pulsar achieve a powerful anthem for the underground, pounding with beats and surging with harmony" - Jammerzine (Apr 2016)

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