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“Helix Pulsar is the fresh air on the French Cold Wave”

- Le Bon Virus / Timbre FM (Sep 2016)

A quasi-industrial yet fully electronic mix of pop and punch

- Jammerzine (Apr 2016)

Helix pulsar  was born on the banks of the Loire in Nantes in 2014, from the meeting between Olivier, musician and composer of synthpop influences, and Estelle, singer of Gospel and Jazz.

Both of classical musical training, he at the piano, she at the piano, saxophone and violin, they make a point of honor to compose their music like real electro symphonies where complex and percussive patterns combine  to vocal harmonies.

During 2015, they joined the sparkling Lille, and decided to give a more rock dimension to their new-wave accents. They then associate a guitarist with the adventure, then entrust the production and mixing of their first album to Creative Music Studios in Brentwood (UK). An electro pop rock album with this "French je ne sais quoi" was released in early 2016: Beyond The Wall .

Now settled in Montpellier (South of France), the project is growing a little more with the arrival of Gabriel, guitarist graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in California and professional musician in the United States and in England. for several years. Together, they are preparing a new opus strongly inspired by their crossing of the great American spaces, and the wild part that lies dormant in each of us ... Nature Sauvage (released in 2019)


“This distinctly reminds me of Xymox circa 1991 and the addictive intertwining of vocals exhibited on their Phoenix LP mixed in with the element of Sisters of Mercy and new-era The Danse Society. Cool enough for you? ” -  The Record Stache (Apr 2016)


"A quasi-industrial yet fully electronic mix of pop and punch, Helix Pulsar achieve a powerful anthem for the underground, pounding with beats and surging with harmony" - Jammerzine (Apr 2016)

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